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A little bit about  Telling Schools...

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TellingSchoolsTM was developed in 2012 as a student project to assist in eradicating bullying within schools.  TellingSchoolsTM was designed to create a safe environment in which students could inform their teachers if they had been a victim or a witness to bullying. The project was very successful and received an Honorable Mention at the Speaker's Student Council Awards issued by Parliament in 2013.


Since then TellingSchoolsTM now assists four schools in tackling bullying on a daily basis.  TellingSchoolsTM is easy to use.  Simply click on the icon of your school and tell the pastoral team with whom you feel most comfortable about the bullying you have witnessed. Even as a bystander you can make a difference by reporting any bullying you have seen.


Remember: bullying is very serious and should be treated as a serious matter.  Ensure that you are using TellingSchoolsTM to help others and prevent bulling within your school.  With your help, you can help put a stop to bullying!

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